Things I Liked About 2016

There’s no denying it: 2016 was not an easy year. It seems like when we refer to 2016 as a whole, we think of the lives lost to cancer and those taken in terrorist attacks. This year has had no shortage of bad news, but it has also contained some good news. Child mortality rates are decreasing worldwide, as are the statistics for world hunger. Several of the girls kidnapped by Boko Haram in Nigeria were found or released. And, despite your opinions on the outcome of the recent election, the United States continues to be a nation where all citizens (over the age of eighteen), regardless of race or gender, are allowed to vote. I’d also like to remind you that Leo finally got his Oscar.

I don’t like ending the day on a bad note because I know I’m not guaranteed to wake up any happier in the morning. I try to meditate and let go of all my unhappiness before settling down for the night. With only two days left to the year, this is the perfect time to meditate and prepare for 2017. Think about the things you actually liked about this year. I’m quite pleased with my list…

  • I read fifteen books
  • I met James Conlon
  • I got accepted into the university of my choice with a great scholarship
  • I shared a lot of laughs with friends over cute animal videos and memes
  • I headed a Dead Poets Society at my college for a few months
  • I watched my brother get married and gained an amazing sister
  • Three friends gave birth to healthy, beautiful children
  • I bought my first car
  • I met a ton of amazing people that have become great friends
  • I joined an a capella group
  • I tried my hand at retail work…
  • …And then decided that I would do better working at a gym
  • I watched SO many good films

I listened to great music and danced with friends and sang in the car and laughed until I cried and cried until I laughed. I spent time with family and friends and got back in touch with people I haven’t spoken to in years. Not every day was a good one. I truly hated a lot of days in 2016, but that doesn’t make it a bad year. There will be more bad days in 2017, but I have hope that I will find things in the coming year that make me happy as well. I look forward to the year ahead, knowing that it will hold many great adventures. I look forward to looking back on 2017 and thinking of how much I’ve grown as a person and all the things I’ve learned. I hope you do too.

Don’t Forget to be Awesome


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